Monday, January 10, 2011

Marie's tenderlicious bread

Our former Relief Society president makes this bread all the time to share.  It makes about 7 or 8 loaves so you have to share!  :)

6 c H20 warm
3 T yeast
2/3 c. honey

Combine first three ingredients and let sit awhile.

2 T salt
3 T dough enhancer
1/4 c. vitawheat (gluten)
2/3 c. oil or applesauce

Add enough whole wheat flour till dough begins to pull away from sides leaving bowl clean. (Maybe 10-12 cups?)
Let the Bosch run as much as 20-30 minutes (really!) before turning it out into an oiled bowl to
rise until double.  Or 2 large bowls.  I learned my lesson...don't overfill the bowl! :D

Shape the dough on oiled counter into loaves.  Let rise in pans.  Depending on the size of loaves bake around 35-45 minutes at 350.

Remove, butter tops, and cool on racks.

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